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Excellent experience as a UK customer

I am a post-grad student in the UK. I have purchased from BTC Nootropics x times, and **every** single time, my orders have arrived. They have come through much quicker than I anticipated and were unmolested by Customs each time.


Staff were excellent, quickly responsive, and I was kept updated at every stage. I highly recommend BTC Nootropics as the number 1 place to get Moda and other nootropics. I use BitBargain to purchase bitcoins from my banking app via UK Bank Transfer (sellers are available 24/7) and then straight away send those coins from my wallet to the invoiced wallet's address. I thought the bitcoin process would be difficult but the process is so simple and now buying and paying for orders takes literally 3-4 minutes. Because I'm not saving/investing in bitcoin, I pay my money's worth so those stories of rates changing etc are irrelevant.


Here's a selection of recent orders that'd I've dug out from my emails.


Order 1 (8 days total, from placing the order to doorstep delivery)

Purchased on 12/06/18 (note: this date format is DD/MM/YY).

Dispatched from Singapore the next day.

Delivered by Royal Mail on 20/06/18.


Order 2 (7 days total)


Purchased: 18/06/18. Dispatched from Singapore next day.

Delivered by Royal Mail on 25/06/18


Order 3 (6 days total)


Purchased: 22/06/18

Dispatched from India on 25/06/18.

Delivered by Royal Mail on 28/06/18


Order 4 (7 days total)


Purchased: 22/06/18

Dispatched from Singapore on 25/06/18

Delivered by Royal Mail on 29/06/18


Order 5 (6 days total)


Purchased: 01/07/18

Dispatched from Singapore on 02/07/18

Delivered by Royal Mail on 07/07/18



I've attached some screenshots of the tracking process:


These are just a handful of *recent* orders that I thought I'd include before tracking info expires/disappears. Hopefully you get the picture - BTC Nootropics is an excellent and trustworthy vendor. Their 5-8 day delivery window to the UK is TRUE! I became aware of BTC Nootropics only in the last few recent months - maybe there was a bit of a dark spell on reddit a (very very) long time ago, you might see this after Googling their name. I don't know, I wasn't there at that time... but honestly I have nothing but praise for their service NOW. Check out their Discord for hundreds of other peoples' experiences. It's a great place to chat and get advice on everything from experiences to stacking.


Final tip: I use for bitcoin currency conversion purposes but BitBargain for buying actual coins. An example (13:31 23/07/2018 - £20 GBP will buy me 0.003356 BTC on BTC, which on Preev comes out as £19.60 GBP). Rates therefore are and have been very acceptable, and improve further with buying more and verifying your account on BitBargain (I haven't, I just use my email).


A million thanks to the small team behind this amazing site!


Summary: BTC Nootropics is excellent and reliable. If you have doubts, try out a small purchase. I did in the beginning and then quickly made myself a customer for life :)

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Thank you for your very in depth review. Our team works hard to ensure you receive the best quality product at the lowest prices without compromising on our superb customer service. We look forward to seeing you back soon!

Edit: by 'x' amount of times, I meant 8 - I meant to properly check and make sure. All orders went through to completion perfectly. If anyone has any questions, please drop a line anytime! 
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