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I found out about BTCNootropics on Reddit...

...when they were first getting ramped up, took a chance, and man was  that ever a SMART decision. It has been total blue skies from my first order back then to my UPTEENTH order most recently.

One of the things I hate about buying products overseas (I'm in the US) is the waiting and the (at least possible) risk of customs complications. But, this has  -NOT ONE TIME - been an issue for me. Plus the product is fantastic. It is NOT an understatement to say, as a guy over 45, that smart drugs are a GAME-CHANGER. 

Fellas, if you're in my age group, you have no idea how SIGNIFICANTLY your cognitive faculties have (often imperceptibly) downgraded  over time until you revitalize them with nootropics. Great company. Great Service. Great Product.

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Hi Les,

Love the review, thanks for the kind words about us :-)

We aim to deliver on our superb customer service promise.

See you back soon,


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