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BTCNootropics Cannot Be Faulted, I've Even Got Proof

Hi there,

I have made 3 or 4 orders from BTCnoots now, and they keep impressing me every time. The discord site allows you to keep in contact with them if you have any queries at all. They literally respond to you in minutes, even when they are busy beyond belief. 

I've had the pleasure of ordering most of the main menu and its top quality, You can tell that as soon as you have your order in your hands. 

One particular order I decided to order A LOT, I wanted to try out all their main items, see how long it took and actually test if its proper quality and no added extras. When i got my order it was all there and arrived in about 5 working days. This is normal for BTCnoots, they always get your order to you in around 5/6 days. Of course im in the UK and to come that far and be processed in that time is quite impressive. Anyway, all my order was there (as it always is) and i was very happy so far. 

Then my little plan was to see if they sell what they say, So I sent 5 samples off to a lab to get it tested and to see what were in them. Guess what? They all came back positive for the product they were meant to be AND they had nothing but the ingredients that was stated!!!!

If you don't believe me you can actually check, and do the same if you wish with your order. There is a UK site that tests drugs and substances for harm reduction, called Wedinos.

The sites address is: Wedinos Substance Testing you simply follow the instructions and send your sample off. 

Just to prove to you my test of mine was real i will give you my reference numbers so you can check out yourself that it's real. I will even provide you a photo with the beginning letters of my postcode so its 100% real!!!! Obviously i can't give you all my postcode as i'd like some privacy haha.

Here are the codes to enter on  If you do not think its real, I will attach all the proof on this review. I'll let you decide if you want to check them or not, but you wont be dissapointed haha

Modalert: W008090


Modawake: W008091


Wakealert:  W008092

Modafresh: W008095

Armodafinil-Artvigil: W007717

If you ever need Nootropics, You don't need to look anywhere else, trust me.


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Hey Ian, thanks for posting those results, thats amazing. Would you also consider posting on

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